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UPDATED 2003 March 31

If this site is never updated, where's ben?

ASCII comic strip Midnight Coder by b. corbin instead.

In the failure to take action against earlier terrorist attacks and threats the government was terribly remiss.  So were we all remiss in not urging full criminal investigations and changes in foreign policy; all except self-described “almost, but not quite, libertarian” Charley Reese.  Read his 1998 column on foreign policy and terrorism.

Using nuclear weapons to prevent other nations from acquiring nuclear weapons is insane, Richard Burton notes (he uses different words).  Considering the use of nuclear weapons as anything other than deterrence while promising to attack any countries that try to acquire nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons amounts to a policy of using weapons of mass destruction on countries that may someday acquire the same.

Actual intelligence about Iraq from George MonbiotBeware the Blue-wash: Don’t push to have the UN rescue Bush and free the US to risk its soldiers lives elsewhere.  Instead, push for fastest possible real democracy with immediate constitutional convention.

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