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Melançon Enterprises

This sub-site deals with Melançon Enterprises as a whole and has information about subsidiary companies that don’t have their own sub-sites.


The large, multi-division corporation Benjamin Maurice Melançon (the First) also aspires to be a human being.  Learn about him to feel good about yourself.


The Corporation for the Advancement of Totally Stupid and Useless Projects tries to get people to spell catsup correctly and does many other worthless things.

Maurice Institute

Part of the nonexistent Melançon Library Network, the Maurice Institute Library has a wide range of no books online and a little bit of knowledge.

BMM Publishing Company

The BMM Publishing Co. publishes original material.


Bemweb makes web sites (including for Journ 397W).


The big bad links master list is a refined version of my personal bookmarks.  If it isn’t on here it means I haven’t found it on the Internet yet.  Major categories include news media, web design, and friends’ pages.


Just because I’m not applying for any jobs doesn’t mean I’m not looking for one or three.  See my résumé and send money my way.


Information about how to do things, from being healthy to starting a business.


Issues in our society and world to know about, to debate, to try to change; in short, what makes a better world and how to get there.

BMM Labs

So much to invent; so little on the graphics-heavy page.

Learn about this site and get access to the style sheets used.  Wheee…

The firm’s old web sites.  For what more could you ask?