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Uri Strauss's Pages epitomize linguistics perfection, anti-capitalist fervor, and masculinity stereotypes., formerly Staciricoworld, is the splendiferous web site of Stacey Kendall, my freshman year roommate’s girlfriend.  Trust me, the connection is closer than it sounds. ( ;  Plus, Brian Corbin seems incapable of establishing his own web page so he must live vicariously through Stacey’s.

Cassidy's World is my baby nephew’s website maintained by my younger brother Dan and his wife Eva.  Actually, Eva does all the web site work.  Look for the exciting day when they announce that his first word is “aardvark” (I’ve been coaching Cassidy on this).

Open Road Films is an independent movie production company co-founded by a friend of mine from high school, Peter Sciretta.

Gil's Domain actually extends well beyond her website, but Gillian Daniel is being modest.

Mike's Den is the online abode of Michael Whitehouse, future president.  The UMass-Amherst Student Government Association presidency didn’t work out (I voted for him each time), but there’s always the USA.  I haven’t seen him for a year, but he’s currently running a new business in the UMass-Amherst area: Phoenix Games, a mecca for role-playing, board, medieval, and I don’t know what-all kinds of gamers.

If you have a web site that isn't here, tell me!