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This Is Hell broadcasts (every Saturday) news, interviews, and diatribes of great people and topics not often found in the mainstream media.

The Best of the Little-known

Narco News Bulletin.

Gregory Palast, investigative reporter and columnist, is a U.S. expatriate writing mostly in the UK taking on the corporate world, the Bushes, Tony Blair, and anyone else who tends to step on the little guy.

Guerilla News Network.

Newspapers and Radio online

BBC News, the world’s premier shortwave radio news service, has a radio stream and full online content.  Slightly biased (as opposed to exclusively focused on) Britain and the West generally; also seems to be pro-genetically modified food.

AP / Reuters wire at ABC News.

Reuters explained to the world that ‘terrorist’ is not an objective word.

United Press International, or UPI, remains a wire service, much diminished, but a wire service with stories like AP, many fewer and possibly with more propaganda thrown in, but still a news wire service.

Manchester Guardian, the UK’s best newspaper.

Independent, a London newspaper.  Read columnist Robert Fiske.

World Socialist Web Site, published by the International Committee of the Fourth International, has news and analysis on events around the world, especially worker struggles.


Globe and Mail, a quality Canada product.  I’ve linked to their international section; here’s their main page.

Mail and Guardian in Johannesburg, South Africa “is a very classy product and probably the best newspaper going for news from sub-Saharan Africa” (in the words of UMass journalism professor Howard M. Ziff).  Read it!

WOZA, an African newspaper from South Africa, seems to have all the vices of an American paper but it necessarily has a slightly different perspective.

Buenos Aires Herald, an Argentinian English-language daily.

In These Times, “independent news and views.”

Common Dreams News Center: daily collection of “news and views for the progressive community.”

AlterNet, news and information, often opinion, somewhat ‘progressive.’

National Public Radio has this web site, which includes a live stream.

San Antonio Business Journal, an newspaper with some excellent articles.

USA Today has potential and has been getting better, it is more or less a real newspaper now and is sometimes more cutting than its competitors, but their fluff pieces negate their brevity.

Washington Post covers even less issues and more strategizing than other mainstream newspapers.

Boston Globe, unfortunately owned by the New York Times, is not “leftist” but can do a solid job on news and sometimes has good investigative reporting on things in the Massachusetts region.

Chicago Tribune Nation/World News section.  This supposedly conservative paper’s site’s main page is largely AP.

New York Times— sadly, our newspaper of record.

New York Daily News apparently has a great editorial board but they favor flashy layout and they hired Mike Barnicle.  Go figure.

Newsday, New York City news.  Featuring columnists Jimmy Breslin, Marie Cocco, and Les Payne. features news from seven New Jersey newspapers.

Detroit Free Press, featuring cartoonist Mike Thompson.

Los Angelos Times, the West Coast’s major paper.  I recommend skipping the home page and reading their print edition online.

Miami New Times from Florida.

St. Petersburg Times (Florida) is one of the few major newspapers that is still privately held rather than publicly traded on the stock market.

Daily news from the Times-Picayune of New Orleans is available through

Lincoln Journal Star (Nebraska) used to subtitle itself Native News; it no longer but still provides Nebraskan and national news in a crisp formah.

Missoulian of Missoula, Montana.

Boston Phoenix features the arts in the Boston area.

Massachusetts Daily Collegian, the weekday newspaper of UMass-Amherst.

Provincetown Banner, an independent paper with good reporting, serves Provincetown, Truro, and Welfleet, the three outer-most towns on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Times is a full-fledged newspaper covering the Cape and islands.

Charlotte Creative Loafing brings good, brief local news and views from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Earth Times covers global development, the environment, and other things that catch their fancy, such as “the global war on terrorism.”

International Herald Tribune barely warants the moniker international.

Morrock News Digest

Alternewswire, an idiosyncratic collection of news, not the sort to make you feel warm and fuzzy, seemingly each week.

Moscow Times and St. Petersburg Times are business and foreign-reader oriented papers owned by the Russian media giant Independent Media.  Nevertheless, they have things like the anti-corporate rantings of Chris Floyd in his Global Eye column that would never make it into any American paper, such as this one on Bush stealing the election.

Government owned

Russia: Pravda features bad writing.

China: People’s Daily Online English Edition is straight news, like you get it from the corporate media, only possibly vaguer.


U.S.News & World Report was employee owned for many years and now is owned by Mortimer Zuckerman, so it’s practically an indepedent news magazine, but darn it, I don’ like it’s style.

Yes! a journal of positive futures is published four times a year for hippie-type people.

Focus magazine covers South Africa and Southern Africa; is published by the Helen Suzman Foundation which promotes “liberal democracy” in the same area.  They worry about civil disobedience harming investor confidence.

Labor Notes is a labor movement press that offers some free online content.

Economist Business Week Fortune (owned by Time-Warner AOL)

New Republic like the major newspapers doesn’t believe in anything, but all they write is basically opinion pieces.  They may favor a vague conservatism or a nebulous Republican ‘party,’ but despite their general lack of bias, and in part because of it, they pass on some news that matters once in a great big while.  (This is my diagnosis from reading it and I hear I am totally wrong).

Special Topics

Investigative journalism on the web collected by TheScoop (Derek Blandiose), focusing on Compter Assisted Reporting projects.

Home Town Advantage Bulletin is a bimonthly electronic newsletter reporting on efforts to stop chain store proliferation and support local independent retail businesses.  Part of the New Rules Project, a resource for making communities strong.

Legal Issues for South Asian Women.

AccountingWEB covers accounting news including tax and other laws.  It requires registration for full access.

UN Wire “An Independent News Briefing About the UN,” provides somewhat dry news about the United Nations.

Muslim News based in the UK is an independent monthly newspaper about UK and international Muslim issues.

Election news from around the world compiled by Klipsan Press.

Drug Reform Coalition This Week Online.


directory of newspapers from around world