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Search engines

Google is currently the best.

Excite was the first to register my page.

Alta-Vista was the best when Digital was still around, and it again has a nice clean style.

People and Businesses Finders

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

seems to have all its entries, plus more, on the web. competent ad-supported dictionary (and thesaurus).

Etymology Dictionary Online. has quotation databases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and writing style guides (note to self: put link on writing links page) as well as some fiction and nonfiction books.

Specialized, an encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms, “contains more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics.”  It is awesome the way this works to identify any symbol you may have seen and want identified.

National Library for the Environment

Registry Whois provides to whom domain names are registered (often the registrar company) and the nameserver, which may tell you who serves the site.  Then go to the Whois server listed, or going directly to TuCows Whois may be easiest.

Search the government

THOMAS - U.S. Congress on the Internet

U.S. code, search it.

Government Printing Office documents include the Federal Register and Public Laws.

Library of Congress Catalog; Library of Congress homepage

Fed stats, the main portal for finding government statistics.

US Census Bureau gives you access to all Census data, whether about people, businesses, trade, and much more.  Census sites include:

Federal Information Center

Library Catalogs

UMass Amherst Library Catalog.

University at Albany Libraries

Search Engines

Special Interest

Search Yahoo!:

Find schools and educational postings

Web66 (large database of K-12 schools)

AskEric educational Listserv articles

Help for Windows 95 Problems

Help for Windows 98 Problems

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