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Moment of Truth from Jeff Dorchen is the breath of fresh air that stirs the foul pollution of the capitalist media machine. 

Truthout gathers opinion pieces from politicians and others and republishes them on the internet.

ModelMinority objects to this false stereotype of Asian-Americans, points out discrimination and invisibility, is “A Guide to Asian American Empowerment,” and prints intelligent articles on nearly every important issue that comes along.

Hip Mama brings political commentary and stories “from the front lines of motherhood.”  Published bi-weekly online, quarterly in print.

Left Business Observer, a monthly newsletter, explains and comments on (and reviews books on) economics and politics with the interests of the poor and workers in mind.


Monde Diplomatique (English translation), a monthly opinion journal based in France.


The Walkerville Weekly Reader ( libertarian satire.


Sean Gonsalves writes a column that appears fresh in the Cape Cod Times | Sean Gonsalves Column on Tuesdays (no archive).

George Monbiot, English journalist, informative site with all his opinion articles.

Molly Ivins.

Ellen Goodman.

Jim Hightower, Texas populist, supplies needed news and opinion in a daily column.

Leonard Pitts, Jr., a black in the media who is hardly conservative at all!

Art Buchwald, the legendary.

Tom Teepen, who contributes to Liberal Opinion Week.

Clarence Page thinks that blacks should not have an attitude of victimhood.  He includes Clarence Thomas and appears to disapprove of blacks who have profitable careers dissing blacks for white audiences.

New York Times Columnists (need to register at, the jerks)

William Safire is an expert writer, so one can often gain a clear understanding of some aspect of his subject, and he is ideologically pure.  He is a libertarian, civil and economic, and American interests (more like the interests of the rich in America) unabashedly come first.  In no way a party hack, he fearlessly states what he believes.  I do question his information sometimes, such as his claim that higher taxes “contributed to the Great Depression”).

Thomas L. Friedman only makes points when he has one to make; otherwise, he gracefully provides some piece of news.

Bob Hebert is a middle-class Democrat.

Paul Krugman tries to make financial topics inteligible.&nbps; Maybe he tries too hard.

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