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True Recursion

2002 July 8, Monday

See the presidential memo that started it all.

The development of true recursion is hereby established as a Totally Stupid and Useless Project (TSUP) of the Corporation for the Advancement of Totally Stupid and Useless Projects (CATSUP).

A truly recursive program is a program that writes itself by breaking the task down and coding itself in small stages.  Once the recursive program writes itself, it should spend all its time rigorously analyzing itself.  As part of its processing of itself, the program must produce output clearly explaining what has been poorly explained here, that is, by acting on itself the self-written program should elaborate on true recursion.

There will be a $100,000 dollar prize for any person who writes a truly recursive program.  (Computers, IBM machines, calculators, abacuses, and other non-human objects are not eligible for this prize.)