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True Recursion

2002 July 8, Monday

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Subject: Re: Your new (year-old) job
To: Benjamin "Melançon" <>

My first OFFICIAL act as president, though sitting on
my comfy chair for over a year now, is to offer a new
totally stupid and useless project to the Corporation.

The official title for this project is "True
Recursion."  As any computer programmer will know,
recursion is when you apply the same routine to
smaller chunks of a bigger problem until it is small
enough to handle.  Another way to recurse is to do
something to itself and see what happens.

Therefore, I offer "True Recursion."  The idea is to
write a computer program that writes computer
programs.  We will then have this program write
itself.  Then, have THAT program write ITself.  So on
and so forth, adnosium.

Be this totally stupid and useless project be put to
the Corporation for a vote.

Brian Corbin, President, CATSUP