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Crazy saturday morning snowfall

Pre-spring snowfall fighting hard against the warm weather outside!

And I am such a nerd that this inspired me to install the twitter module on this site and a patch to it (along the way proposing a help link for how to apply patches, then enabled the TwitterSynch Facebook application, so posting this blog entry should update both my Twitter and Facebook statusi. (Statuses?)

The End of Waste: The Reusable Silver Lining of Economic Disaster

Another confession that could ruin a political career.

I'm a little excited that I'm likely to live through a time when economics will force an end to the gross waste that has characterized the United States, and to a lesser extent much of the rest of the wealthy and even not-so-wealthy world.

No more disposable packaging for everything. Local reuse of materials.

Johanna Wagner Natkin (Jean), 1925 – 2005

In Loving Memory, My Grandmother. She died three years ago this month. Shout-out to Ian for driving out to the memorial service, with friends, and lending me shoes to wear worthy of Grandma's approval.

"Do all the right things." — Jean Natkin

I'll try Grandma, I'm trying.

As my journalism career was half obituary writing, I was drafted to write this up 2005 March 1:

Blogging with Flock!

Mukasey and other Bush Officials Refuse to Talk About Their Torture Policies

Is it just me, or is one solution to their refusing to talk, um, painfully obvious?

I do not endorse torture of anyone, not even those who endorse torture. But surely someone else has THOUGHT about it.

Israel Military's Seige of Gaza: Can We Call Out Evil for What It Is?

siege |sēj|
a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside

The collective punishment – imprisonment and cutting off of needed resources, energy, trade and medicine – cruelly harms and kills people – you know, people, like your friends and family – in the entire region of Gaza in dozens of ways.

Too big

If you're too big to talk to your readers, customers, users– you're too big.

A lot of PWGD will have to be figuring out how to make connection scale.

Goddamn i miss my dad


Learning from Disaster: Mexico's economic plight isn't just U.S.' fault, it's our future

On an inexpensive GPS cell phone designed to save the lives of people traveling across the U.S.-Mexico border.

I'll get one, so I'll be able to find my way way into Mexico. ;-)

The United States faces economic crisis.

One of the earliest, most visible reactions to that has been the scapegoating and violent targeting of people from places in which our government has caused economic crisis.

Affero and PWGD

Except for all the people he knows and what he's actually done, Henri Poole's thoughts could be mine exactly:

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