John Melançon's Life

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On the draft

better - citizens have a say in war
facing death and jail

Cows in India and the world (Dad passing on new knowledge)

Dad passing on new knowledge. He was always giving the most important news, and interesting information.

The dog, or wolf, and the cow are the oldest domesticated animals.

Cow domesticated in three different areas of the world: southern Africa, Savannah, and in India
And in India it's the Holy Cow-- something like 250 million. And it's a complicated [business] of worship.
A woman quit being a doctor, and became a doctor [for cows]

On bars and gangsters

place in Chinatown across from South Station. Open after hours, illegal, lights on and everything and I think there was a police station nearby.

I think most of the waiters were gay. One of them [also worked at the bar where I worked]. He was a flamboyant gay. Danced [like anything]. He introduced me [to the other waiters] as "This is the ONE straight guy I like"

My boss – who was [no small] gangster himself pointed out all the wiseguys at the restaurant from the area and New York

Bob Dylan

"Boom, boom, boom" is that guy's song-- he also did a "Sweet Home Chicago" a lot

Not as imposing as Taj Mahal but in that neighborhood

walks straight to this journalist
thought he was Bob Dylan

He said man, I had the coolest night in my life

Bob Dylan was just getting started

Early on Blacks resented this guy writing these songs– but they quickly

He went down

Martin Luther King Jr. was staging some kind of event

Dylan and some other musicians went down to [help] draw a bigger crowd

Kingston Trio, Dad passing on new info

Dad saw a thing on the Kinsgton Trio

among the snippets of (unconfirmed) info

they made folk popular

they thoroughly enjoyed each other

Beach Boys
not only did they steal a song of theirs
stole the striped shirts

Police corruption

When I had the store, some people nearby were moving something. Slow day, a Sunday or something, the truck was a little bit in the road, they were careful to have it marked and someone there.

Police came and said you can't do that, you need a detail.

We were running a corrupt business [in Boston] and hiring cops to do details, come into the club and arrest people [we wanted out]

We were stealing money hand over fist through [not paying] taxes and so forth

Never being cited for being late closing

O.J. Simpson is white

O.J. Simpson is a guy who's been white his whole life. He turned black for the brief period of that trial.

[and it's on record]

In Saturday Night Fever the brother who is going to seminary comes back and says he doesn't want to be a priest.

Saturday Night Live did Saturday Night Samuri – Bellucci plays the main part, Samuri dancer. His brother is played by OJ Simpson– says I decided not to be black anymore

And I never thought of it until this Heisman winner broke Simpson's record on votes

Ski places lie


going from New York.

sign saying such-and-such many miles

"Ski places lie."

Every time I asked her about that, "Ski places lie."

She wasn't my girlfriend, she was just a friend. Someone else's girlfriend.

People [we knew from New York, women gathered around me where I stayed in the lodge while she was skiing.]

I said, I hope that doesn't bother you.

"Eat your heart out, turkeys. He's with me."

Yesterday Dad saw Second-hand Lions, a 2003 movie which I saw in theaters and rather liked also.


I remember touring Pompeii

I said the date was right after the destruction of Jerusalem

couple of Israeli girls
one said "of course! God punishing them!"

In another story, Dad tells of a member of the club, I think, trying to insult his comments on Pompeii by saying 'What do you know? Have you ever been there?' and Dad cuts him down when he said, 'Yes.'

Schenectady, upstate New York

place I had in upstate New York, [Schenectady (pr. Skenektaty)]

the Weavers played there

the next day they're on national television

a show

host said 'you like to sing'
she said 'Yeah, we were just playing in a little place in upstate New York'

I kept waiting for her to name the place!


I remember ages ago a Quaker girlfriend taking me on a train up there to visit her brother

told me this joke about a person making a collect call to Schenectady.

Operator asks him to spell it.

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