Mazin Qumsiyeh speaking in Natick on the Palestinian Resistance

Mazin Qumsiyeh on Palestinian Resistance

Jesus as first martyr of Palestinian resistance,

[note: that is *not* a good early/opening line for Jews in attendance, as a fair number will have at some point been treated as personally

because of course he non-violently resisted.

since the advent of the political zionist idea

all Germanic-speaking people

sent two rabbis to palestine

"the bride is beautiful, but she is married to another man"

Jewish colonization project

as Herzl put it, "we need to spirit them out"

but it mostly happened 1947-1949

Checking one's sources: Principled Opponents of Israeli Occupation Did Not Promote Jenin Massacre Claim; Bad Media Did

The world media and the British press in particular (plenty of articles if you search for Jenin massacre myth) did a terrible job demonizing Israel for things that mostly did not happen, with all the newspapers seeming to interview the same guy somehow, during the attack on Jenin that was part of the re-occupation of the West Bank.

May people no longer easily fear entire other groups while trusting our own power-mad elites

Juan Cole writes clearly what I have frequently said before— the right wing nutjobs with access to military weaponry in both the Israeli (primarily the government) and Palestinian populations consciously try to provoke a cycle of violence that keeps them in power (without having to provide anything that people actually want, like meaningful work and health care and in some cases food and stuff).

A Bridge to Gap

"Israel and the Diaspora: A Growing, Difficult Bridge to Gap"
Yes, read that last part of the headline again, and know that's the way it's printed in the magazine. Poor Uriel Heilman has a right to major grievances against his editors.

"A state monopoly on religion in Israel is emerging as a major impedient for Diaspora-Israel relations, the Jewish identity of Israelis, and aliyah," [president of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, Stephen] Hoffman says.

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