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Mayans march in Chiapas for Democracy, Liberty, and Justice

The world didn't end today, but no Mayan ever (ever) said that it would. As Daniel Feder wrote: "Actual Mayans had other plans for today.... 6,000 EZLN members marching in complete silence into five Chiapas cities, in an action organized in secret that took the country by surprise."

Mayans march in silence and black masks, five across and hundreds deep, through Ocosingo, Chiapas streets
Photo by Raul Vera. Marcha Zapatista, Ocosingo, Chiapas.

More detail from Narco News:

The Uncertainties of the Aftermath of Genocide: The New York Times Makes the Case for Passivity

Like its dictator-nailing subtitle, “Granito” often feels in its certitude like an inversion of vintage neoconservatism.


How to Nail a Dictator

Opens on Wednesday in Manhattan.

Directed by Pamela Yates; edited by Peter Kinoy; produced by Paco de Onís; released by Skylight Pictures. At the IFC Center, 323 Avenue of the Americas, at Third Street, Greenwich Village. In English and Spanish, with English subtitles. Running time: 1 hour 43 minutes. This film is not rated.

In an entire decade we couldn't manage to hold a trial?

I've missed most news coverage, but i heard that Obama said "justice has been done" with our military's extra-judicial killing of Osama bin Laden. This is disconcerting given the lack of judicial process in this instance and the broader contempt for rule of law and legal process exhibited by the Obama administration and its predecessor. Not that i consider courts to be the only legitimate arbiters of the broad concept of justice, but when it's the president of my country talking about the crime of mass murder...

On War and Peace, and the right of people to support one over the other

People who peacefully broke into a high-security military compound to object to the insane nuclear arsenal there (for submarine-launchable Trident missiles) are being sent to prison for this non-violent civil disobedience, possibly for the rest of their lives, as we are talking about months in prison for a couple people in their 80s.

It was an a very stupid and evil decision by the government to prosecute and ask for lengthy prison terms. For shame.

Kaveri Rajaraman on Economic and Social Justice Movements in India

[Note: Every Indian word is misspelled]

Rape is placed as the one crime that is perpetrated against woman, and all the other crimes and mistreatment swept under the rug.

[first woman she was talking about, mentioned repeatedly, never caught the name enough to write it down]

She is completely uncompromising in woman having their full rights

Very radical thing in India, against arranged marriage

Movement against marriage as an institution entirely

sexual harassment in the workplace, she has brought

Climate justice can help end poverty (and ending poverty can help stop global warming. But not by convincing our leaders.)

Climate Justice Can Help End Poverty

History teaches us that when decent people take risks and engage in struggle for principles, peacefully and courageously, pursuing civil disobedience where necessary, then those who occupy the instruments of power, whether in government or in the financial sectors, will listen and understand.

Genocide in the service of preserving injustice in Guatemala, 1980s memoir by Rigoberta Menchú

"From independence in 1821, an event led by the country's elite, an authoritarian state was created that excluded the majority of Guatemalans; it was racist in theory and practice and served to protect the interests of a small, privileged elite.... State violence has been fundamentally aimed against the excluded, the poor, and the Maya, as well as those who struggled in favor of a just and more equitable society....

Equal rights to marry lost (for now) in California and kept in Massachusetts, the why, how, and what now

With the caveat of not trusting any polls too much, especially as the demographic slices get smaller...

Why Prop 8 Won, by Richard Kim

Non-unanimous juries: bad for justice, bad for society

The research suggests that even more important than the chance for one, two, or three voters to block a conviction or acquittal is the ability for one, two, or three jurors to force a more complete discussion of more aspects of the case.

That is, it seems that letting the "lone juror" (or jurors) have veto power on the whole proceeding doesn't usually end in an 11-1 vote with a unanimous requirement, but instead often leads other jurors to question their earlier conclusions.


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