Catch 22, the 87 e-mail edition

Catch 22: If your e-mail inbox is not acting as your TODO stack, it would not matter that it has 87 e-mails in it. But if it weren't acting as your TODO list, it wouldn't have 87 e-mails in it.

Work: Technical writing; being a manager

Recorded 2000 January 9, from John Melançon, paraphrased:

“While I was trying to eat in New York City, some friends suggested technical writing. I don’t know if I’d’ve been able to do it. They knew I was fairly intelligent but they didn’t know of my lack of education. I didn’t spread that around; quite the opposite, I gave the impression I had been to college."

[And in a different context:]

"I’m such a good manager because I have no ego. It’s true. Anyone could give advice, and I would listen to them."

[He knew that "I have no ego" was a laugh line!]

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