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Update on Alfred Natkin from Cape Cod Hospital

[Background: Walking to a gas station convenience store last Friday, on the way back from a trip, my grandfather tripped on a curb and fell, hitting his knees on the sidewalk and his head on the door. In the emergency room in Connecticut, pain not from the extremely painful immediate fall, but in his back and sides, began following (coincidentally or not) a tetanus shot, according to my mother, who was with him. That is the pain that has not abated. After i met him at the Sagamore bridge around 11pm Friday and brought him back to his home in Wellfleet, he held court until after 1am.

Dinner and a Run

Not enough book work done today but a fair amount of other cleanup, but a walk to the woods and a successful dinner by both Mom and R's standards, and a

Before that, a day at the Cape, saw Grandpa just in the evening and the morning. We went to the graphics / print shop too, my first time there, R loved it.

mom returns while J shuttles Grandpa from hospital to cruise ship, en route; swimming under the harvest moon

Grandpa called me Sunday night (i'd finally reached him Sunday noon, while my aunt was still there) to say he didn't know if he could go on the cruise or if he should go to the hospital they stuck a pacemaker straight in him.  Then internal bleeding, so no catching up with the cruise he's missing, and i have no idea what it means after an operation like that. Or so one would have thought. Instead, he got out and caught his cruise in Newport, RI.

Swam under the harvest moon, Sukkot aligning with the fall equinox for a change.

Yom Kippur, 5771

I went to Yom Kippur services with the old JWEC (Jewish Workshop for Education and Culture, or somesuch).

They read "John Melançon" as one of the half-dozen of the original congregation who has passed away. This means a lot to Dad. Not many things would. I felt like running home to tell him.


Reminded of the reasons why i think H may be making a pretty good choice about religion.


More learnin' from the WV Melançon compound

Continued to be very impressed by the garden and the canning / jarring / using of what it produces.

And good kids. Mostly, heh.

And finally:

The family that has nerf wars together, stays together. Or at least is better prepared for the coming zombie (or other) apocalypse.

At Grandpa's on cape with K

Grandpa took us out to dinner on Monday night at the Bookstore, Tuesday at The Lobster Pot, Wednesday K cooked Grandpa fantastic meat, mushroom, red pepper, red onion, baby tomato, and garlic kebabs. Well i can't vouch for the meat being great but Grandpa's a tough critic.

K cut grass, watered the plants, went to the dump - transfer station - with me.

We walked with Rusty and F to the shack but came back and swam near the house, at the other end of the marsh, because there were a couple fishermen standing in the main swimming spot.

Beautiful weather, but not unseasonably warm.


Natick police officer Vitale, a very sad man.

Maybe he had no choice but to give a citation for my grandfather's expired license, even though he knows the state just stopped sending notices to people so everyone is getting caught with this, and even though he knows my grandfather lives in Cape Cod and that he will have to travel to Framingham to deal with. Without a license, yeah.

Chanukah in West Virginia textual snapshots

Cassidy and Xavier still playing with brand new presents, Veronica poking the fire, Eva wearing the silly hat Veronica gave her and blowing on John until he yells, Sarah drinking a beer and talking to Jake, Dan putting Mom's picture away, Mom opening one more gift, me sitting with the brand new Celtics jacket typing away while I remember what I'm doing with this website.

Sunday, visited Grandpa

Helped with a dump run.
Set up Dan's amped-up router.
Worked on Alambre Trio (and a bunch of my stuff, including a proposal to do a session at CMS Expo in Illinois in May that didn't seem to go through, damnit).
Walked the dogs who refused to run with me.
Ate an entire large vegan pizza on his generosity

Day at the Cape with Grandpa

Drove out with Zelda late last night -- almost pulled over to sleep but then started feeling awake. (Mom is at Snow Farm.)

Beautiful weather.

Brought the old waterlogged Sunfish sailboat in alone (walked out into the nice cold water to float it in, next time will use Grandpa's plan of attaching a rope from it to shore at low tide, and reeling it in).

Tree guys took down another newly dead pine tree.

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