Why doesn't New York City public schools treat religious groups renting rooms like any other?

Four pastors, including a member of City Council, were among seven men arrested Thursday morning in front of the city Law Department during a protest of the city’s ban on allowing churches to hold worship services in public school buildings, the police and organizers said.

Santa's Jewish

Of course Jesus was a Jew. Santa's Jewish too, you know.

You couldn't have a Christian working on Christmas.

Not just Jewish, Santa's Orthodox. Doesn't shave, proud of his beard, and always has a head covering.

On years where Christmas falls on a Saturday, though, there's a Muslim guy who fills in.

[from a note saved 2006 Dec. 24]

Weird rules followed for too long

Manda: So you're pagan today? :P

Benjamin Melançon
this morning i was! Now passover has started and i stuffed myself to eat the remaining bread (poor me, it was a loaf of garlic bread) before sundown

haha, poor you :P

Benjamin Melançon
i think i'll explain religion to my nephews as, you know how when your teacher makes a weird rule? well religion is when that weird rule has been followed by too many people for too long :-)

I think that's actually a perfect way to explain government

Circumcision hypocrisy

If nothing else, I try not to be a hypocrite, which casual observation shows is plenty difficult in its own right.

Well I was caught in a double-standard the other day. I don't like needles, piercings, tattoos, hanging from hooks, or anything that involves perforating or cutting or mangling one's body. I wouldn't, of course, try to stop anyone else from

But I have no problem with being circumcised.

And that is done to decidedly non-consenting non-adults.

Can Judaism, which has the same double standard codified, help explain this?

James of the New Testament as radical

the laborer with a too-low wage is being robbed by his employer
- James, according to Dad

Josephus mentions John the Baptist prominently, and Jesus and James were all followers
in all of Paul's, Augustine's, Luther's writings there is nothing about the poor.

Luther wanted James' stuff thrown out
(The John /book/ is not John the Baptist-- who was not a deciphel, they were followers of his)

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